Politicians are being sold like 'goats' to bring down the government: Imran Khan

A no-confidence motion against Pakistan's Prime Minister Imran Khan in the lower house of parliament could be put to a vote next Sunday. Earlier, Pakistani President Imran Khan had alleged that there was a "foreign conspiracy" behind the proposal.  

Politicians are being sold like 'goats' to bring down the government: Imran Khan
Pakistanist Prime Minister: Imran Khan

 Pakistani media quoted Dawn as saying that Imran Khan had made the call in a question and answer session on Saturday afternoon. It has been broadcast live on Pakistan's television channels, radio and digital media for about an hour.
In the Q&A session, Imran Khan spoke about the ongoing political crisis in Pakistan. "Pakistan's politics has reached a point where the nation has to decide where you want to take the country now. A society that stands for honesty and justice always gets a new lease of life," he said. But when a society is neutral, they start supporting the bad. '
Imran Khan has claimed that there is a conspiracy against the government in Pakistan now. Imran Khan said that it is proved that politicians are being sold like goats to overthrow the government. Conspiracies to overthrow the government have started from abroad.
Addressing the youth of Pakistan at this time, Imran Khan said, "You will not be silent now. If you keep quiet now, you will go to the bad side. Not for me; On the contrary, for your own future, I want you all to protest and raise your voice against this conspiracy. '
Calling on the youth to hold "peaceful protests" on Saturday and Sunday, Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan said, "When the United Kingdom illegally used weapons of mass destruction and invaded Iraq, 2 million people protested in the country. It was not violent then. They did not break a single pot. ' "I was with them (the protesters). No political party pressured them to protest. They took to the streets themselves. This is a sign that a nation is alive. '

Asked how he views criticism of Pakistan's military in the current context, Imran said, "Please remember that two things keep the country united today. The first is the Pakistan Army. It is a strong and professional army. It is very important for the country, because many countries are trying to harm Pakistan.
Opposition parties have stated they will not run in the by-elections. The announcement was made shortly after the council began its session on Thursday. It has been said that the session will be resumed on Sunday.